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About NU Breed

Nubreed Media provides solutions for website designing and web development. Located in Guelph, Ontario, Nubreed Media helps individuals, businesses and institutions profit from World Wide Web (WWW).

Founded in 2003 Nubreed Media is fast becoming a leading web solutions provider in Canada. We pride ourselves in providing creative, attractive & original design works, fast, reliable & quality development and professional services. Additionally, we bring confidence, enthusiasm and specialized expertise to web based solutions so we can put you and your business in the right place on the information superhighway.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a leading web solutions provider in Canada and eventually the world.

Mission Statement

Provide customers with scalable web solutions with unmatched value. Achieve this goal through professional approach, innovative ways and impeccable organization.

Target Market

Nubreed Media is offering services primarily in Canada. Additionally, we welcome customers from all around the world especially United States of America (USA) .

Our Focus

Nubreed Media offers services to all kinds of individuals, businesses, organizations and corporations .

Work Smart

Internet is a face paced world. In order to keep up with the innovations, there are some rules that we follow within our company in order to provide our customers with the best of technology. Work standards that Nubreed Media follows include :

  •   Act with urgency
  •   Remain responsive to change
  •   Have the courage to change course when needed
  •   Work efficiently
  •   Keep the client in loop
  •   Always improve
  •   Next project should be better than the previous

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